The IBOEHS-USA Diploma in Industrial Safety management, is intended to support participants to gain required health & safety skills and expertise to work in any industry as safety professionals.

The qualified students would be able to identify, prevent/minimize workplace hazards and risks so that organization would be able to avoid workplace injuries & illnesses. DISM program is blend of both management system implementation and application of practical health & safety concepts.




Chapter 1. Basics of health and safety

Chapter. 2 Fundamentals of health and Safety Management system

Chapter. 3 Health and safety Policy

Chapter. 4. Organizing

Chapter. 5. Contractor Management

Chapter. 6. Health and safety Culture

Chapter. 7. First Aid

Chapter. 8. Emergency procedures.

Chapter. 9 . Planning & Implementation

Chapter. 10. Safe system of work

Chapter 11. Permit to work system

Chapter 12 Safety signs

Chapter 13. Health & Safety Performance monitoring

Chapter 14. Health & Safety Audit

Chapter 15. Health & Safety Tour

Chapter 16. Health & Safety Sampling

Chapter 17. Health and safety Survey.

Chapter. 18 Reporting and Investigating Incidents

Chapter 19 Reviewing of Health and safety Performance

Chapter 20 Consultation

Chapter 21. Human failure

Chapter 22 Organization.


Part- 2

Chapter 23 Welfare at workplace

Chapter 24 Working Environment

Chapter 25 Violence at work

Chapter 26 Drugs and Alcohol

Chapter 27 Construction Hazards and control

Chapter 28. Demolition

Chapter 29. Work at height.

Chapter 30 Ladder.

Chapter 31. Scaffold

Chapter 32 Excavation

Chapter 33. Work place transport.

Chapter 34. Manual handling.

Chapter 35. Pedestrian operated Load Moving Equipment

Chapter 36. Fork lift trucks

Chapter 37. Hoist.

Chapter 38. Lift.

Chapter 39 Conveyor

Chapter 40 Crane

Chapter 41 Mobile Elevated Work Platform

Chapter 42 Scissor Lift.

Chapter 43. Work Equipment

Chapter 44. Electricity

Chapter 45 Fire

Chapter 46 Chemical Hazards

Chapter 47. Asbestos

Chapter 48 Biological hazards

Chapter 49. Waste Management.

Chapter 50 Noise

Chapter 51 Vibration

Chapter 52. Radiation

Chapter 53 Stress

Chapter 54 Lead

Chapter 55 Personal protective Equipment

Chapter 56. Shift working.

Chapter 57. Health surveillance.

Chapter 58. Human Physiology.

Chapter 59. Lighting at work place.

Chapter 60 Environmental Management System

Chapter 61 Safe working Environment

Chapter 62. Confined space.

Chapter 63. Bullying and harassment

Chapter 64 Pressure systems

Chapter 65 Handling dangerous goods.


Eligibility: no pre-requisite

Learning Resources provided :-, access to online e-learning platform for one year.


Certification: This course is certificated by the IBOEHS-USA

Duration: It is recommended to have 350 hrs of self-learning

Examination: students would be able to take examination after 45 days from their initial enrolment. Students learning & understanding would be evaluated though two set of multiple choice examinations carrying 120 questions each for 2 hrs for each part. Pass % is 50




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